The Air Destroyer Goliath

The Air Destroyer Goliath is a military airship utilized by the government to access Laputa. This gigantic airship is seen in the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky directed by Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli.


Goliath is approximately 348 meters long.  Although the envelope is composed of numerous sections holding hydrogen or helium, a large array of propellers and rotors sustain and maneuver the craft. Goliath also carries a large selection of weapons, including as turret-mounted cannons equipped with armor-piercing shells, smaller barbette-mounted cannons, and Maxim machine guns. Goliath is also capable of carrying three spy planes on its underbelly and an entire battalion of government troops within.

Role in the Film

General Muoro orders Goliath to the fortress at Tedis, where the airship will be used to carry military troops up to Laputa. Muska is holding Sheeta captive in the fortress, and she uses the power of her volucite/aetherium crystal necklace to awaken the Laputan robot recovered by the army. When the robot goes on a rampage to locate and protect Sheeta, Goliath's largest cannons are the only weapons which can stop it. After Sheeta is rescued from the fortress, Muoro, Muska, and the army fly to Laputa aboard Goliath. Once they reach Laputa, Muska betrays his government and unleashes a horde of robots to cut away at the hull of Goliath until the airship explodes.