Don't be such a scaredy cat, Chihiro. Let's just take a look.

Akiichirō Ogino is the father of Chihiro Ogino and the husband of Ichiyūko Ogino seen in Spirited Away.

In filmEdit

Akiichiro and his wife Ichiyuko are transformed into pigs and it's then up to Chihiro to save them. She must find a way to turn them back before she gets trapped with the spirits forever.

The reason Akiichiro and his wife were turned into pigs, is that they found a food stall in the spirits' village. There they saw the food and started eating. They found it to be delicious and then continued eating, despite Chihiro urging them not to. Eventually, they were turned into pigs for their greediness.

In the end, Chihiro succeeds and they have no memories of the events, and think that they'd just walked back round to the entrance.


Enemies Edit



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