Anna Sasaki (アンナ佐々木, Sasaki Anna) is the introverted core protagonist of the Japanese animated film, When Marnie Was There by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.


Anna has short brown hair and blue eyes. She typically dresses in tan shorts, blue sneakers, and a two-shades of blue t-shirt. At the Tanabata festival, she wears a pink yukata that belonged to Setsu's daughter.

Film AppearanceEdit

When we first see Anna she is sitting at a bench in a park drawing, after conversing with a teacher who had to turn their attention to another student who had hurt themselves Anna appears to suffer an attack of sorts as she gasps for air and tightly hugs her art book. Afterwards we learn that Anna suffers from asthma. After conversing with Anna's aunt Yoriko, her doctor suggests that she (Anna) take time away from city life and live in the country to help alleviate her symptoms of her asthma.


Trivia Edit

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