Aogaeru is a talking frog and is currently the assistant manager of the bathhouse in Spirited Away.


Aogaeru is a frog spirit, wearing a blue kimono that works at the bathhouse under Yubaba. Similar to the majority of bathhouse employees, he has a very greedy personality.


While Haku is escorting Chihiro across the bridge to the bathhouse (Chihiro must hold her breath so that the other spirits do not know she is human) Aogaeru stops Haku for a chat. Out of shock, Chihiro gasps, blowing her cover. Aogaeru is temporarily frozen and suspended in midair. Once free, he immediately goes to report a human at the bathhouse. Aogaeru is later seen accusing the spirit No-Face of using the bath after hours. No-Face devours him and uses his voice to speak. At the end of the story, No-Face spits him out.


  • Aogaeru is inspired to Kermit the Frog from Muppet.

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