Apes are minor species from Princess Mononoke.

Looks Edit

The Apes look like gorillas, but in Japanese they named Shoujou. It means Orangutan. In the chinese mythology the apes have red eyes and they like to get drunken[1].


Apes are peaceably creatures, but the humans destroy their living space by cutting down woods of the Cedar Forest. As they don't have really brains, they start to believe to become smarter and more powerful by eating humans.

The apes get first seen in the movie by encountering Ashitaka and San. They try to kill Ashitaka, but San and her wolf brothers chase them away.


The humans destroy their living space. So they need to forest up their home, but Eboshi hinder them in their working. Still San encourage them to continue to work. However, more trees get cut down than they can plant new ones.


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