Asbel also known as Milo is one of the primary protagonists in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. He is the twin brother to Lastelle.


Asbel shot down the Tolmekian airplanes on his gunship and pursued them afterwards. He later befriended Nausicaä after being rescued by her. He was originally in support of the Pejitians' plan to terminate the Tolmekians using the God Warrior at all costs, which included killing the people of the Valley of the Wind. Asbel also saves Nausicaä on more than one occasion, and has possibly developed a crush on her.

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Asbel befriends Nausicaä

Behind the VoicesEdit

Asbel was voice by Yoji Matsuda in the Japanese version and Shia LaBeouf in the English translation.


Asbel is friendly towards both the Pejitians and Nausicaä as well as supportive. He has a great deal of enthusiasm for anything he agrees with, but also can be short-tempered and aggressive when provoked.

Relationships Edit


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