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San: The Great Forest Spirit is dead now.
Ashitaka: Never. He's life itself. He's not dead, San. He's here right now, trying to tell us something. That it's time for both of us to live.

Prince Ashitaka is the protagonist in Princess Mononoke and voiced by Yoji Matsuda

In filmEdit

Ashitaka galloping with Yakul begin of the film he met Ji-san

In the beginning Ashitaka got a curse of a demon and it has been said that Ashitaka might of died because of the curse. One of Ashitaka's hand had blue patches of skin. This is part of the curse. To unlock the curse Ashitaka had to leave the village and ask the Forest Spirit to help him. So Ashitaka did what he was suppose to do. While on his journey he saw two injured men. He decided to help them so he took them back to there home, Irontown lead by the small forest spirits. When he returned the two injured men Lady Eboshi thanked Ashitaka and let him stay in Irontown. Lady Eboshi explained to Ashitaka that she wanted to kill the forest spirit Ashitaka got very mad because Lady Eboshi had done a lot of harming things to the forest. Later that night Irontown had a encounter with Princess Mononoke. Lady Eboshi wanted to kill her and Princess Mononoke wanted to kill Eboshi because she wants to kill the forest spirit.. Princess Mononoke's name is San. Ashitaka wanted to save San from dying so he stopped them both, took San and left Irontown to help San. After a couple of days Eboshi crept up on the Forest Spirit when he had the Night walk. Lady Eboshi shot his head off took the head and ran away with her men. Ashitaka and San chased after her. They finally caught her and returned the spirits head back and Ashitaka's curse was broken.


Ashitaka has brown hair and very dark brown eyes .He wears a Blue kimino and beige pants

Behind of VoicesEdit

Ashitaka was played by Yoji Matsuda in Japanese Version and Billy Crudup in English



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