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San: The Great Forest Spirit is dead now.
Ashitaka: Never. He's life itself. He's not dead, San. He's here right now, trying to tell us something. That it's time for both of us to live.

Prince Ashitaka is the protagonist in Princess Mononoke and voiced by Yoji Matsuda

In filmEdit

In the beginning you can watch as Ashitaka rides his red elk, Yakul, and comes across his sister Kaya and her friends. He tells them to head back to the village and continues to make his way to the watchtower where Ji-san is stationed. They spot Nago, a large forest god in the form of a boar, consumed by a demon of hatred. Ashitaka later kills Nago, but suffers a wound like no other.

Ashitaka's wound is later revealed to be a curse from the demon and it was said that the curse will grow larger and seep into his bones, rip apart his soul, and eventually kill him. To break this curse, Ashitaka must leave the village and never return to travel to the west where he will find and beg the Forest Spirit to heal him. Before leaving, Ashitaka's sister gives him a crystal dagger, a symbol that she fears he might die. While on his journey he finds two injured men fainted in the river. Guided through the Forbidden Forest by Kodamas, he returned them back to their home, Irontown. Shortly after their arrival, Lady Eboshi thanked Ashitaka and invited him stay in Irontown. Lady Eboshi explained to Ashitaka that she wanted to kill the forest spirit in order for her city and her people to thrive. Ashitaka grew furious at Lady Eboshi because she was only causing more harm and destruction to the forest. Later that night, San attempted to assassinate Lady Eboshi for all the forest she has destroyed in the process of mining iron, but was stopped by Ashitaka, who was in fear of the princess's death. Ashitaka left Irontown with San and headed for her home. Moro tells Ashitaka that he has no place in San's life and that he will leave in the morning. As Ashitaka heads off he gives his sister's crystal dagger to one of Moro's pups to give to San in fear that she might die in battle. Ashitaka searches for San and soon finds her being consumed by the demon. Ashitaka and Moro rescue San from Okkoto's demon body. Ashitaka attempts to prevent Lady Eboshi from shooting the Forest Spirit's head off by throwing his sword into her rifle, but she succeeds and tosses the head to Jigo. Ashitaka and San chased after Jigo, caught him and returned the Forest Spirit's head back, breaking Ashitaka's curse along with curing the lepers of Irontown. Ashitaka and San part ways in the end but he promises to visit her in the forest whenever he can.


Ashitaka has brown hair and very dark brown eyes. He wears a Blue kimono, a red hood, and beige pants

Behind of VoicesEdit

Ashitaka was played by Yoji Matsuda in Japanese Version and Billy Crudup in English



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