Barsa: Madame, the picture is back.

Madame - Bertha

Barsa also known Bertha in Japanese is a character in Kiki's Delivery Service. She is assistant of Madame in Madame's Mansion.

Iconic queen, stan by her because she really likes brooms. Why the hell didn't Kiki give her the broom? All she wanna do is fly, kinda like peter pan does, but with a broom.

Queen Barsa LOVES going wooossssh, #AlwaysGoWoosh was a hashtag started by her. She slay, she woke, she Barsa. Madame calls her bar soap sometimes, but Barsa don't care cuz she a real bitch. Not basic hoe like Miley or Katy Perry (the platypus).

Stanned by Emma, Leigha, Monique and Anisa.

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