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The Battle of Laputa was an aerial battle between the Laputian robots under the command of Muska and Goliath under the command of the army.


After Colonel Muska took command of Laputa's technology, he tricked Muoro and his men into witnessing the true power of Laputa.  Soon afterwards, Muska killed Muoro by opening a trap door on the floor that the army was standing on.  As the remaining soliders attempted to retreat back to Goliath, robots were activated and began to chase the army.  When Goliath finally took off with its remaining crew, the airship began to bombard Laputa with its heavy guns.  Muska in turn sent dozens of flying robots to tear at Goliath's hull, thus destroying it.  The battle ended with Colonel Muska victorious and the government army annihilated.

The Final Battle

When Colonel Muska's army flee to the Airships, the goliath give chase chase by robots. However, Pazu survives by climbing under the Laputa roots and hops onto the Robot that slides on the side of Laputa.