Stop it, Mama. Sen and I had a really good time. If you make Sen cry, I won't like you anymore!
—Boh to Yubaba, regarding Chihiro.

Boh also known Baby is the infant son of Yubaba in Spirited Away. He is portrayed as an extremely large and overfed baby wearing a red bib that covers his front side, leaving the rest of his back exposed. His mother frequently spoils him, leaving him in a large cushioned room where nothing can harm him, and giving him whatever he wants on command.


Boh is happy, kind and childish. Boh is spoiled rotten and doesn't like not getting what he wants. He wants to have fun, play games and eat.



Though Yubaba is very selfish and evil, she is sweet and kind to him.

Chihiro OginoEdit

Boh likes the play games with Chihiro Ogino.


  • Boh is based on sumo baby.



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