The car accident was an event in the film When Marnie Was There directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi of Studio Ghibli.

Hisako tells Anna Sasaki and Sayaka Doi the past of Marnie. Kazuhiko married Marnie. Soon Emily get born as their only child. This happiness doesn't last long, because her husband Kazuhiko died from an illness. Marnie couldn't bear his death and she goes into the sanatorium. From now on Emily lives in a boarding school.

When Emily finally comes home, she fights her mother and run away. Soon Emily gets pregnant and her daugther Anna gets born. This family doesn't stay long, because Emily and her husband died in a car accident. At that time Anna is two years old.

Marnie takes her, because she doesn't want Anna to be alone like her own daugther years ago. Marnie tells Anna about her past, how she meets Kazuhiko and about a girl with a basket of flowers. One more year Marnie died. Ten more years Anna still remember Marnie's story.