Hans Castorp is a German in Hayao Miyazaki's film The Wind Rises. He is seen in a hotel located in Karuizawa. His name comes from the German novel The Magic Mountain (German: Der Zauberberg).


He is friendly and talkactive. Regards the future of Nazi Germany and Japan he has a pessimistic mindset. He approaching Mr. Satomi to gratulate him for Jiro Horikoshi's proposal to Nahoko Satomi.

On the piano he plays the song "Das gibt's nur einmal". His favorite dish is watercress, called Kresse in German.

Voice Acting

In the Japanese version he was dubbed by Steve Alpert, an American. In the American version he is voiced by German Werner Herzog. The German Reinhard Kuhnert voiced him in the German version. You know all characters in the German version sounds German.