Charles is Dola's eldest son and a member of her gang of air pirates in the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

He was voiced by Takuzo Kamiyama in Japanese, Barry Stigler (credited as Bob Stuart) in the Streamline English version, and Michael McShane in the Disney English version.


Charles has dark brown hair, dark eyes, a long face with a square chin, and a mustache. Like the rest of the boys in the gang, Charles almost always wears a brown shirt with pink pants, a belt, and a red hood.

Role in the Film Edit

As the oldest of Dola's sons, Charles is more or less their leader. When Sheeta joins the gang on the Tiger Moth, Charles wants to make a good impression on her. He goes to the galley and offers to help her cook dinner. Sheeta is glad for the help, but Charles isn't so happy when he finds out that the other boys are eager to impress Sheeta too.

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