Dola Gang's Crew

Six of Dola's sons and Motro the engineer

The Dola Gang appears in Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The gang is a band of air pirates consisting of Captain Dola, an engineer, and Dola's seven sons, at least some of whom may be adopted due to how different they look from one another. The gang flies aboard an airship called the Tiger Moth.


  • Dola - an older, experienced lady air pirate
  • Motro - Dola's old friend who serves as the Tiger Moth's engineer
  • Charles - Dola's first son
  • Louis - Dola's second son
  • Henri - Dola's third son
  • Dola's other sons - four other unnamed young men
    • One is dark-skinned and wears a black patch over his right eye.
    • One is medium-skinned with a drooping black mustache, and he always covers up his mouth.
    • One is medium-skinned with a bushy brown mustache.
    • One is light-skinned with a straight black mustache.