Ready to match, Porco?

Fio Piccolo is the female protagonist in Porco Rosso. She is Mr. Piccolo's granddaughter.


Fio Piccolo is an intelligent, friendly young aircraft designer that had recently moved from the USA to help with grandfather's company Piccolo S.P.A to cope after the Great Depression. She was responsible for most of the plane design repairs after she persuaded Marco Pagot to give her the job of fixing his machine Savoia S.21. She was almost handed over to Donald Curtis when Marco and he were fighting one on one in aerial combat. At the end of the movie she becomes good friends with Gina and she takes over the company.


Fio is 17-year-old girl has ginger hair and dark eyes. She wears shirt that is white with blue lines (or a blue shirt with white doesn't really matter) and blue pants/jeans with a belt. She also wears pearl earrings.