Forest Spirit or Shishigami is a supporting character in Princess Mononoke. He is known as a god of life and death.

In filmEdit

The Deer God "Forest Spirit" is protector of the forest and is the God of life and death. He heals Ashitaka of his bullet wound, yet interestingly leaves his curse. Later, he takes the life of Lord Okkoto and Moro. Lady Eboshi shot him as he was transforming into the humanoid-like Night-Walker which then releases his destructive body and steals the life of everything he touches, until Ashitaka and San return his head, restoring peace.
Forest Spirit

Forest Spirit smells a plant and sucks its life


The Forest Spirit looks like Yakul, but with more antlers and a monkey-like face; however, he can transform into a gigantic semi-translucent humanoid during the night.

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