Osono: Better call the hospital, honey! I think it's time now!
Fukuo the Baker: Oh! Oh my--!

Fukuo, also known as The Baker or Mr. Osono, is the husband of Osono. As his title suggests, he works in the bakery with his wife. He is a silent, almost completely mute character with few appearances and only two short lines.


Fukuo the Baker has black hair and wear a white T-shirt and white baker hat.

In the ending scene, he was shown wearing a blue T-shrit and red overalls and a new hat.

Personality Edit

Fukuo is a quiet, loving, hard-working man who seems to be serious at most times but can have his funny moments.

He deeply loves his family, and cares for Kiki, including making a logo for Kiki's delivery service made entirely out of bread.

Alignment Edit


Gallery Edit

Tumblr inline mibujnLY4I1qz4rgp

Osono and Fukuo the Baker and newborn baby

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