Gonta is a supporting character but also (at some points) an antagonist in Pom Poko. He is very hot-headed, and rather on & off ruthless. He can be easily compared to both Catherine II (Catherine the Great) of Russia and Steele from the 1995 Universal animated film Balto.

However, he is not the main antagonist of the film, but is somewhat an antagonist on some occasions, such as when he pointed his gun at the other raccoons, threatening to kill anyone who wouldn't submit to his plans and beliefs, and when he physically attacked Shoukichi for disagreeing with him. Despite his bad, control freak side, he is still willing to join the other tanuki in their plan for survival.

He dies when he is run over with other members while forming together to form a giant head.

Along with Kron from Disney's Dinosaur and Steele from Balto, Gonta has served as an influence for many of the "really bad/evil" villains in the films of independent filmmaker and producer Ms. CMZ, such as the demonic penguin Mrs. Astrakhan, sadistic Kala the Gorilla, Foxtrot the Vulpix, and Empress Euphrates ArcticFox (all of whom are villainesses, and their planned voice actresses were born from 1961-1966).

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