Not to be confused with Nanny.

Granny is Mei and Satsuki's new neighbor since the latter two moved in My Neighbor Totoro. Of course, she is known as Nanny is the Troma dub. She is a kind lady and the (possibly paternal) grandmother of Kanta.

Personality Edit

Granny is a kind elderly woman, who cares for every one of her neighbors.

Appearance Edit

Granny Gasp

Granny has grey hair, black eyes, and wears a white shirt, a periwinkle robe, and a white hat.

In Film Edit

In My Neighbor Totoro, Granny is first met when she helps the Kusakabe family settle into their new house. She is also at the rice fields when they go to visit their mother in the hospital. When Mei and Satsuki get a telegram saying their mother is ill, she tries to console them, with no real effect. After Mei runs away, Granny helps look for her with the other villagers.

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