Haru Yoshioka is the main protagonist of The Cat Returns.


Haru has brown hair, wears a blue school uniform, and is a good Lacrosse player. After she saves a cat prince's life, the cats from the cat kingdom try to repay her with gifts she doesn't want and in the end, force her to marry the cat prince. With the help of the Baron, Muta and a crow statue she might be able to escape and learn to be herself and not always do what others say.


Haru when she turns into a cat in the Cat Capitol.


Haru was a stubborn, lazy, somewhat ditzy, and awkward at the beginning of the movie. But by the end of the movie she is a bold, mature, and confident girl. You can tell she changed when the weekend morning after being returned to the human world because she does something she never did before.

She woke up earlier then her mother, and made breakfast and tea for herself and her mother. Her mother is even surprised by this.

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