Hotel Adriano is a location in Studio Ghibli's film Porco Rosso directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is the residence of Gina and a popular location for air pirates and Marco Pagot.


The hotel is an island in Adriatic Sea, located near the city Doburoku.

There is a big garden on the island, where Gina spend her time relaxing. The hotel owns a restaurant, where guests spend their time drinking alcoholic beverages or listening to Gina's singing. Gina owns a private library, where she has a telegraph. She uses it to send mail to Ferrari whenever Marco is in trouble. The telegraph is hidden by books.


The hotel is named after Marco's plane: Adriano. When Gina was young, she used to fly with Marco in that plane. A photo of it can be found on the hotel's wall. Adriano is also the name of the Italian pilot Adriano Visconti, who was popular during the 2nd World War.