It's fun to move to a new place. It's an adventure.

Ichiyūko Ogino is the mother of Chihiro Ogino and the wife of Akīchirō Ogino seen in Spirited Away. As punishment for her crimes against the Spirit World, Ichiyūko is cursed and transformed into a pig for much of the movie.


Ichiyūko has lightly-tanned skin like her husband and daughter. She has neatly-styled, short, brown hair, thin eyebrows and small, dark-colored eyes. She is fairly fit, compared to her husband, and wears gold earrings as well as a matching, gold necklace, and lipstick.


She initially appears a very calm, collected and logical woman who refuses to comply with her husband's curious antics and is always first to speak of safety in a sign of danger or strangeness; nevertheless, she quickly gives in to Akiichirō's adventurousness, consequently turning both her and her husband into pigs for much of the film.


In the beginning of the film, she is seen with her daughter Chihiro and husband Akīchirō in the car, going to their new house. After taking a wrong turn, the family accidentally explores the spirit world. They settle down at a restaurant, Chihiro refusing to eat anything. After Ichiyūko and Akiichirō eat the food of the spirits, they are turned into pigs. At the end of the film, they appear on the other side of the river in the spirit world again, and pass back through to the human world.

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