Jigo is a character from Princess Mononoke. He is portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton in the English version.

He first appears as a protagonist, but is later revealed to be an antagonist, wanting to present the Forest Spirit's head to the emperor so that he could be paid handsomely. He was last seen fleeing after giving the head back.

A member of a mysterious organization, Shishou Ren (the masters' coalition?). Under orders from the organization, he is trying to get the head of the Shishi God, which is said to have the power of eternal youth. He is also the head of Ishibiya people, and mobilizes hunters and Zibashiri ("those who run on the ground"). He is the one who told Ashitaka about the forest of the Shishi God.

Alignment Edit

Jigo was a good guy with Ashitaka and later revealed to be an evil antagonist

Gallery Edit

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