Nobody treats my Lady Eboshi like that! Move and I fire!
—Kiyo to Ashitaka, after having watch Eboshi be knocked out by him.

Kiyo is a character in 1997's film Princess Mononoke. She works the bellows in Irontown with the rest of the women. When Ashitaka knocks Eboshi unconscious to stop her fighting with San, Kiyo gets angry and threatens him with a gun. When he starts to walk out, Kiyo unintentionally shoots him through his chest. To her amazement, Ashitaka does not stop and continues to exit the village with San over his shoulder.


Kiyo has Brown hair and white kimono with triangular symbols and similar to Legend of Zelda games and wears pink turban-like and has gun




  • The triangular symbols on Kiyo's kimono are very similar to that of the Legend of Zelda franchise [1].
  • The triangular symbols are more likely a reflection of the Hojo clan.