Kiyomasa Ōiwa is a minor character in When Marnie Was There directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi of Studio Ghibli. He is voiced by Susumu Terajima.


He has two offsprings with his wife Setsu Oiwa. One of them is an adult working as a yoga teacher outside of Kissakibetsu. Now he is living with his wife in his house, which he build with his own hands. His profession is carpenter, who likes to make owls.

His wife and his guest Anna Sasaki do the cooking and harvesting. Anna is the adopted child to Yoriko Sasaki.


He is talk active like his wife. He often talks positively about other people. He even trolls Anna by saying the silo and Marsh house are the home of ghosts.

When Mrs. Kadoya complains about Anna, he stays always calm listening. Later on he sees Anna and call her to eat and to take a shwoer.

Aboard th car

He is driving.