Now, Dad's gone too... He's dead too... Dad...
Seita to himself after learning of his father's death.

Kiyoshi Yokokawa (born 1905-1945) was a father of Seita and Setsuko, and the husband of Mrs. Yokokawa and captain of the Japanese navy army. He was supposedly in the navy during World War II. Seita and his sister attempt to write to him several times during the film, but never receive a reply. Much later, Seita overhears while at the bank that the Japanese have lost the war, and that the entire fleet of ships has been sunk. Astonished, Seita finally realizes why his father hasn't written.


Kiyoshi has a elder son named Seita Yokokawa and younger daughter Setsuko Yokokawa and his wife who died its injured air raid.

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Kiyoshi has brown hair,he wear a black captain hat and black captain uniform and another photograph wear also a white captain uniforms.


Kiyoshi Yokokawa appears in flashbacks when Seita and Setsuko and their mother in wedding.

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