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I am Lastelle... Lastelle of Pejite.

Princess Lastelle of Pejite is a character from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. She was possibly friends to Nausicaä.

In filmEdit

Lastelle is first seen when Nausicaä discovered her in Airship Corvette as a passenger, after the ship crashed into a nearby cliff. When Nauciaä hurried to help her, she released Lastelle from her chains with her sword. Lastelle spoke only a few words and died in Nausicaa's arms. Lastelle is the twin sister of Asbel, and princess of Pejite.
Lastelle shipwindow

Lastelle watches crash-landing


Princess Lastelle is a beautiful young women around Nausicaa's age. She has brown hair that goes a couple inches past her shoulders and brown eyes. She is seen wearing a long pink and yellow dress with a matching yellow hat, with jewels embedded in it and diamond earrings. She was a princess, but after her country was destroyed, she was reduced to a slave with her hands are shackle. She then was moved to slave market by Airship Corvette.


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