I want to know what you want. It's your life, Sophie. Do something for yourself for once, will you?

Lettie Hatter is Sophie's younger sister and daughter of Honey Hatter, featured in the hit 2004 movie Howl's Moving Castle.


Lettie has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a light blue eye shadow and salmon colored lipstick. She wears a dress with a darker salmon/light pink dress and a light pink apron over it. Her dress has a few matching accessories. She also wears big red, spherical earrings

Voice actingEdit

Lettie was voiced by Yayoi Kazuki in Japanese and Jena Malone in English.


  • Sophie Pendragon (sister):She is a loving sister. Sophie is kind towards her.
  • Honey Hatter (mother): Not much is revealed about their relationship, but it is said that they love each other.

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