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Mei Kusakabe Kusakabe Mei is the four-year-old sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro. She is incredibly lively and active as well as extremely curious.

Early lifeEdit

Mei Kusakabe, sister of Satsuki Kusakabe and daughter of Tatsuo Kusakabe and Yasuko Kusakabe was born in Tokyo in May 1953

She is the first to meet Totoro and does so by falling down a hole in a tree root after following smaller totoros excitedly. Mei isn't the least bit scared of the new creature she has found even when it opens its huge mouth to yawn. Instead she just opens her mouth back. Mei does have a caring side and decides to go to the hospital with the sweet corn she picked from Granny's garden. However she ends up getting lost on the way and gets very upset.

Mei and the KittenbusEdit

Mei running from her house and she watches to wind but she eat Japanese candy but she is spinning her heads but she was chased by gust she go inside her house and then chasing the Kittenbus


Mei Kusakabe is four years old. Of course, as shown by her sister in the Steamline dub, she is five. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a White puffy blouse with a Pink dress and Yellow shoes and white panties, and carries a yellow bag, She has five fingers and five toes and end of the film she wears a light pink dress. Mei also wears a yellow night-dress at night and a sky blue night-dress at night in the sequel.

Tonari Mei

Mei appears in My Neighbor Totoro 2


Mei is really cute, stubborn, caring, and extremely curious.

Behind the VoicesEdit

Mei Kusakabe is voiced by Chika Sakamoto in Japanese, Cheryl Chase in Streamline dub and later Elle Fanning in Disney Dub.


Films Edit


  • Mei is the origin of May on Japanese

Mei with her sister, Satsuki rushing to see their mother.

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