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Hi, ready for school?

—Michiko to Satsuki

Michiko is Satsuki Kusakabe's friend in My Neighbor Totoro. Michiko first appears where she is half-way to school and she yells for Satsuki and later on the film when Satsuki works in her lesson. But she says goodbye for Mei & Satsuki to go to home. At the end of the film Michiko appears doing farm work and she also appears during the credits.

Character OriginEdit

In the during end of the 1980s called a friend of Satsuki and Mei. During the 2000s give the name of Michiko. She has never meet Totoro

Physical AppearanceEdit

106 Michiko

Michiko (left) and Satsuki (right) Mei in

Michiko wears a Blue Skirt and White Blouse with white collar red pair shoes.


Michiko is cute and friendly to Satsuki.

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