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Mr. Okajima is the father of Taeko, Nanako, and Yaeko Okajima, as well as the husband of Mrs. Okajima in Only Yesterday.

Personality Edit

Mr. Okajima is a stern and often angry man, throughout the movie he has a curt and direct attitude towards the family. Many of the times, he has an emotionless and angry appearance, but is reserved and calm throughout the movie. Although he cares deeply for his family by being stern, he is very enigmatic and often comes across as cruel towards others. However, he does show regret for things he does such as slapping Taeko when she rushed out barefoot. 

In film Edit

Mr. Okajima is shown many times through Taeko's flashbacks of when she was a child. When Taeko asks him to buy her a new enamel purse, he tells her that he should have taken Yaeko's when it was offered to her. The most significant scene is arguably the one in which the family is getting ready to go to the food fair. Taeko, disappointed and mad at her sister, spitefully threatens to stay home. When they begin leaving without her, she rushes outside barefoot, prompting her father to smack her across the face in anger. He is noticeably very guilty about doing this.



Voice Actors Edit

Mr. Okajima was voiced by Masahiro Ito since 1991. In 1 January 2016 get dubbed Matt Yang King.

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