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Laputa will live! I will return it to life! Laputa's power is the dream of all mankind!

Colonel Muska was a human colonel and the main antagonist of the movie Castle in the Sky. He is a colonel whose goal is to conquer Laputa by using the largest aetherium crystal. It is also revealed that he is biologically related to Sheeta, as his full name is Romuska Palo Ur Laputa. He was voiced by Minori Terada in Japanese, Jeff Winkless in Streamline version and Mark Hamill in Disney version.


Muska has a brown hair and black eyes he wear a glass and brown suit and white scarf and brown pants. His design is similar to that of David on Katushiro Otomo's "Steamboy", and Agent 6 on "Generator Rex".


Colonel Muska is ruthless and bad colonel he will stop at nothing to get the crystal. He kidnaps and almost kills Sheeta.

Role in the FilmEdit

In the beginning he is seen with Sheeta and with his men when Dola and her gang of thieves attacked the Ship. He was knocked out by Sheeta with a Beer Bottle, and she retakes her Crystal.

His true nature is shown as a con artist and a determined man.

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