Not be confused with Mei and the Kittenbus

Look at the Sunset, Mei

—Satsuki to her sister, Mei

My Neighbor Totoro 2: Totoro Returns (Tonari no Totoro 2) is the upcoming sequel feature film of My Neighbor Totoro this film is to be directed by Goro Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli and is will be release 18 May 2018 release by Toho. This film is in celebration of the My Neighbor Totoro 30th anniversary and will be distribution by GKIDS.

Premise Edit

The film will be set one year after the first film. The film starts with both Satsuki and Mei picking flowers along with their mother. This film will be similar to scenes from original film.  







External LinksEdit

  • My Neighbor Totoro 2 at IMDb
  • Trailer

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