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No-Face also Kaonashi is a spirit who takes an interest in Chihiro in the film Spirited Away.

During the film, seeing No-Face standing outside in the rain, Chihiro takes pity on him and lets him into the bathhouse to take shelter from the storm. At first, he appears to be a strange, demure, cloaked, masked wraith who seems mute other than his breathing and urging grunts. Seen as polite, calm, and quiet at first, No-Face is a lonely being who seems to sustain itself on the emotions of those he encounters, particularly their emotional reception to his gifts. 

He is helpful to Chihiro because she helped him, and proceeds to offer her many gifts of gold and bath tokens. After observing the bathhouse staff's reaction to gold and his own attempts to win them over with more gold, he reacts to their greed by becoming a grotesque and gluttonous monster, eating lots of food and some of the staff who try to get gold off him. After Chihiro feeds him the final piece of the medicine ball given to her by the ☀River Spirit (川の神, kawa no kami), No-Face regurgitates everything he consumed, including the bathhouse staff members.
No-Face and Chihiro

Chihiro and No-Face sit on the train

Once he has emptied himself of these foreign influences and left the bathhouse, No-Face reverts to his former demure self. At the end, Zeniba asks him to remain with her as her helper.


No-Face is a tall black figure that seemingly floats along. He is completely black apart from his face and he fades to transparent at his feet. His face is long and oval shaped, being white with black features and four dagger shaped stripes above and below his eyes. His limbs are limited to two arms. *However, he crawls with 2 legs as well when he eats.
Zeniba coffee break

Chihiro and No-Face on a coffee break with Zeniba


Chihiro Ogino

No-Face takes a liking to Chihiro after she lets him into the bathhouse when it's raining. No-Face is grateful, and repays her by giving her gifts. He acts differently towards her than he does anyone else. He shows her a kind of respect and will listen to her. This is shown near the end of the film when Chihiro gets No-Face to stop eating the others at the bathhouse.