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If my head were any harder, you could use it as a cannonball!

Pazu is a primary protagonist of Laputa: Castle in the Sky and becomes Sheeta's closest friend. It is implied that he develops romantic feelings for her.

Pazu is an orphan who lives alone in a small cottage atop a hill in Slag Ravine. He promised his dead father he would find Laputa and prove him right.

Pazu discovered Sheeta slowly floating down from the sky. He took her home and cared for her until she woke. Upon hearing her story he vowed to help her. The two went through a lot. Being chased by Pirates as well as the army. Eventually both of them are caught by the army. But, Pazu was set free upon Sheeta's promise to stay with them and help them find Laputa.

Upon Pazu's return to his home he was captured by the pirates that chased them earlier. He teamed up with the pirates to help Sheeta escape the army. Once rescued they continued to work with the pirates to find Laputa. Discovering that the pirates where actually good and kind. During their travels Pazu and Sheeta grow closer.
Pazu climb without shoes

Pazu climb on a hole and throws shoes


Pazu has brown hair and grey eyes he wear a white shirt and orange vest and yellow cap. He is very good at climbing: vines, rock, brick walls, and even smooth surfaces and usually smiles and his voice can be normal for a boys or when he's scared or in a rush a little squeaky.


Pazu is very active as he helps out in the mines and is also very friendly as he serves the miners around him. Pazu's personality strongly changes after he meets Sheeta and saves her multiple times. He becomes very brave and sometimes reckless in saving Sheeta, however according to Dola, he "...has become a man...". He's also very persistent and a true friend.

Behind the VoicesEdit

Pazu is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka in Japanese Version. In March 1989 first english dub by Barbara Goodson in Streamline and later James Van Der Beek in the Disney Version's 2003.


  • Plays the trumpet
  • He has an incomplete flying machine in his house.
  • He is an natural flyer (demonstrated as he flies the glider from the Tiger Moth).
  • Likes doves 

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