Rasha is the protagonist in French-Japanese animated film The Red Turtle. He sets adrift by a storm wakes up on a deserted island. His name is not mentioned in the film.


Rasha has brown hair and tanned skin. He is also seen wearing beige pants and (occasionally) cream white shirt.


He finds everything to live on the deserted island. But still he builds a raft from bamboo to sail away, because he is lonely. However, a red turtle destroys the raft three times. So he forced to live on the island. At that time he really hates that feamle turtle. The dreams discloses his true feelings.

That evening, he sees the turtle crawling on the beach. He hits her with a bamboo stick in revenge, and flipping her over on her back. Soon he feels guilty. He tries to revive her by pouring water on her; but she is already dead.