You'll never be a fine Princess looking like that

Lady Sagami is a character as seen in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. She is lady of the Emperor's Palace and serves as a coah in etiquette for Kaguya.

Appearance Edit

Sagami resembles a very traditional Heian lady. Her face is painted white and heavily made up, she is always seen wearing a multi-layer kimono and her hair flows straight down her back reaching her ankles.

Film Edit

Sagami is hired to coach Kaguya in the ways of a proper princess. Most of her efforts are failures as Kaguya rejects the court etiquette for a more free lifestyle.

Sagami takes her leave after Kaguya rejects her royal suitors, saying that there is nothing she can do for her.

She is last seen watching the moon, as Kaguya ascends.

Gallery Edit



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