Sayaka Doi is a supporting protagonist who appears in Studio Ghibli's film after The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, When Marnie Was There. She has brother named Takeshi.


Sayaka is a about slender Young girl wear a yellow dress and yellow shoes and another scene wear the pink skirt with white line and pink cardigans with pink collar. Sayaka has brown hair and teal eyes.


Sayaka is a very friendly and upbeat girl who considers the health and happiness of her friends (Anna) to be the most important part of her day.

In film

Sayaka is first seen when she moves along with her family in house along her brother as seen in her marnie's room and she discovered Marnie's diary in the hidden drawer in her room, Sayaka sits in her bicycle finds the missing pages from the Marnie's diary. Meanwhile when sits her room she read the missing pages from diary and open by her brother and walks on the rain and finds Anna with her fever. Leaving her bed on Oiwa's house. In outside of Oiwa's house viewing the Picture with swamp house

Voice Actors

Sayaka was portrayed by Hana Sugisaki in Japanese and later Ava Acres in English dub.

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