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A king without compassion does not deserve a kingdom. No matter how many weapons you may have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.

—Sheeta to Muska in the throneroom

Princess Lusheeta "Sheeta" Toel Ur Laputa was born on April 22, 1901 and is a 13 year-old orphaned farm-girl. She is one of the protagonists in Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

In the FilmEdit

Sheeta is the rightful princess of Laputa and possesses an aetherium crystal which can save her in times of danger. Possessing the aetherium crystal and she is chased down by Dola's gang, Muska, and the military. Muska manages to capture her and take her on his airship.

She befriends an orphan named Pazu after he catches her from falling out of the airship. They form a friendship and bond as they flee from Dola and Muska. Pazu and Sheeta are eventually recaptured by Muska who locks them up. Pazu is freed after Sheeta consents to help Muska. He then joins Dola's gang to free her. Meanwhile, Sheeta manages to unlock the power of the crystal and escapes Muska's fortress with the help of a robot summoned by the crystal.

Together Pazu and Sheeta join Dola's quest in search of Laputa, though they seek it because they want to learn about it, while Dola wants the castle's riches. They end up making it to the castle. There Sheeta discoveres she is the princess of Laputa, but she has to destroy it, so as not to let it fall into Muska's hands.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sheeta wears a plain, indigo dress with white petticoat underneath until she changed into Dola's large pink pants and yellow blouse and brown slip-on shoes. She has brown hair with short bangs in the front and wears her hair in two braids on either side of her head. She also sports a red hairband. Each braid is tied neatly at the bottom with red ribbon, a common color for hair accessories in Studio Ghibli films. After having her hair cut, her hair is very short, very similar to Kiki's hairstyle.

She is brave, smart, compassionate and at times desperate, especially when making the deal with Pazu to utter the destruction spell, thwarting Muska and ultimately saving the life of the tree and it's beauty, and Pazu as well as herself and her kingdom. She is also very polite and articulate in her speech, though is cold and nervous with strangers for understandable reasons.


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  • Sheeta's grandmother
  • Sheeta's Parents
  • Pazu (best friend/love interest)
  • The Pirates (enemies in the beginning but become like a second family to her, especially Dola, who is like a tough, no-nonsense grandmother)


  • Sheeta is similar compared to Nadia from Nadia the Secret Blue Water.
  • Sheeta gains a similar appearance to Kiki after having her hair cut.

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