Sutemaru is the Deuteragonist as seen in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. He is a friend of Kaguya. When they meet she is only a toddler, but by the the autumn she looks almost as old as him.

His role starts out being an older brother/protecting/ teaching type, and then becomes a close friend. He shows bravery, kindness and desperation during the film, a complexioned beautiful character.


Sutemaru has tanned skin and feline like eyes that become less cat-like as he reaches adulthood and they gain a bored look that changes immediately after spotting Kaguya. Sutemaru wears simple villager clothing. He wears a male blue kimono with a matching hat in his adulthood. His medium sized hair was held in a small ponytail. He used to go barefoot.


  • Sutemaru also catches pheasants and is quite skilled in stealing vegetables.
  • Sutemaru was Kaguya Hime's potential love interest but couldn't happen due to major plot details.
  • Surprisingly, he would forget his wife and child to run away with Kaguya, but he is a good father and husband non the less.
  • He probably thinks his vision of Kaguya wasn't real, but feels real in his heart.