The Swiss Alps Girl of Notre Dame

This film had produced by Astro Boy Productions, and the Heidi's prequel got lost, when you get the movie rated is PG for dark animated violence, scary images, dramatic mature themes, and the memorable creation of the form of entertainment of "Felidae (17+)" and "The Black Cauldron (PG)", some puny is violent on the classic is prequel of Heidi and I got lost, but I want iMovie created Astro Boy Productions.

Suggested for MPAA rating: PG for animated violence, thematic elements, mild peril, scary images and dramatic mature images.

Studio: Astro Boy Productions, Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, Zuiyo Eizo Productions, The Halas and Batchelor Company, Burbank Films Australia, MGM Family Entertainment.

The movie is too little scary! And the prettiest sequel of The Story of Heidi.

Show on IMdb's ratings: Argentina:Atp/Australia:PG/Brazil:Livre/Brazil:10 (DVD rating)/Canada:PG/Denmark:7/Finland:K-8/5/Germany:0/ Iceland:L/ New Zealand:G/ Norway:7/ Peru:PT/Portugal:M/4/Singapore:G/South Korea:All/Spain:T/Sweden:7/UK:PG/USA:G (No. 34615)

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