The Tiger Moth in flight

The Tiger Moth is an airship used by the air pirate Captain Dola and her gang. Its name comes from a flying insect, the garden tiger moth.


The Tiger Moth is a blimp-like airship constructed from metal, wood, and fabric with wings and propellers. The airship's features include a hangar that carries four flaptters; a crow's nest lookout that detaches to become a glider; a galley to prepare the enormous amount of food the Dola's Gang eats; and living quarters for the gang.

Role in the film

The Tiger Moth appears at the beginning at the film, when the Dola's Gang raids Colonel Muska's airship in pursuit of Sheeta and her crystal necklace. Later, Dola and Pazu rescue Sheeta from imprisonment and take her to the Tiger Moth, where Sheeta helps out by working and cooking in the galley. The gang flies the Tiger Moth to Laputa, but the airship is destroyed when Pazu and Sheeta use a spell to cause Laputa to self-destruct.