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Trust in your spirit! That same spirit is what makes me paint, and makes your friend bake... But we each need to find our own inspiration.
—Ursula to Kiki

Ursula is a character in Kiki's Delivery Service. She is a young woman who adores painting, particularly crows, and lives in the middle of the forest in a log cabin. Kiki meets her while attempting to retrieve a stuffed cat she dropped while flying overhead on her broomstick. She was also voiced by Minami Takayama.


Ursula has dark brown hair, and usually wears a red sleeveless shirt and jean shorts that are jagged at the ends. She also wears a straw hat sometimes.

Character OriginEdit

Before she was named Ursula, she was simply known as 'The Woman'.


  • Father (unnamed)
  • Kiki (friend)


  • It is speculated that her name was inspired from the American science-fiction/fantasy author, Ursula K. Le Guin, who Miyazaki is a fan of and whose Earthsea book series was later adapted into Tales From Earthsea by Studio Ghibli.

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