Yokokawa was a family in Grave of the Fireflies.

  • Seita Yokokawa is the main protagonist. He is the older brother of Setsuko Yokokawa. He dies at the end to due starvation.
  • Setsuko Yokokawa is the main protagonist. She is the four-year old sister of Seita Yokokawa. She dies at the end due to malnutrition.
  • Kiyoshi Yokokawa is the husband of Mrs. Yokokawa and the father of Seita and Setsuko. He died during the war (when Seita overheard that Japan has lost to the Americans and the Japanese boats have sunk).
  • Mrs. Yokokawa is the wife of Kiyoshi Yokokawa (captain of the Japanese navy army) and the mother of Seita and Setsuko. She has been badly injured and burned from the bomb attacks. Unfortunately, she dies from her wound.