So, your name's Chihiro... What a pretty name... And belongs to me now!
—Yubaba, after having Chihiro sign her contract.

Yubaba is the main antagonist of the film Spirited Away. She is an old witch with an inhumanly large head and nose, who supervises the bathhouse.

Towards the beginning of the film, she reluctantly signs Chihiro into a contract. Yubaba then takes Chihiro's name and renames her "Sen" in order to hold power over her for the duration of the contract, as she does to her other workers, so she can keep them in service forever. Yubaba has an over-bearing and authoritarian personality, but does show a soft side toward her giant baby, Boh. In contrast to her simple and hospitable sister Zeniba, Yubaba lives in opulent quarters and is only interested in taking care of guests for money.


Yubaba has beige hair and brown eyes, she wears a blue dress with slip and large yellow earrings.



Yubaba is very greedy and pompous. Serving as the main antagonist of the Film, she is also very threatening as she often threatens Chihiro and does serve as a threat to her and her parents. But she does show a soft side for her giant toddler, Boh.



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