Haku, I will forgive you for stealing my precious seal. But in return, you must take care of this girl.
—Zeniba to Haku, regarding Chihiro.

Zeniba is the identical twin sister of Yubaba in the film Spirited Away. She is, unlike her sister, very hospitable and lives in a house at Swamp Bottom. She shares voice actresses in both the Japanese and English versions, with Yubaba.

Unlike her sister, Zeniba is a kind and motherly woman. As she says, she and Yubaba are identical twins, but they are polar opposites. When Chihiro and her friends appear at her house, she welcomes them warmly and allows them to spend the night, insisting that Chihiro call her "Granny" and providing the girl with a protective charm to keep her safe from her sister's wicked magic. As the group leaves the next day, she offers No-Face a place to live, to which the spirit happily agrees.


Zeniba is very similar to Yubaba she has beige hair and brown eyes she wear blue dress and yellow earrings.